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Five Fundamental Medical Devices Used for Surgical Procedures

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Five Fundamental Medical Devices Used for Surgical Procedures

Five Essential Devices Used in the Surgical Environment

The environment, the surgeons, and the place where surgery is to be conducted are important factors for a smooth and successful procedure. Another important component in this equation is the medical equipment by any medical device manufacturer. There are many essential medical devices used inside a surgical room, but there are five basic machines needed in surgery.


Before anything else, the operating room, equipment, and surgical instruments need to be thoroughly sterilized. This first step (pre-surgical) is a critical procedure done before the procedure starts to avoid any potential life-threatening infections for under surgery patients. A plasma sterilizer with low temperature sterilizes heat-sensitive materials using ionized gas or gas plasma. Also, any protective gear is important and should be procured by a reliable protective product manufacturer

Surgical Light

Indeed, even with electronically controlled medical devices used to make a specialist’s occupation simpler, it is as yet the doctor who operates the patient. The shadow-less surgical light arrangement is pivotal for a specialist’s capacity to see obviously on the current technique. Surgical lights need to provide surgeons with bright, homogenous lighting during the operation that does not cast any shadows that can affect visibility.

LCD Monitor/ Patient Monitor

Today, High Definition LCD screens are crucial in operation rooms, providing doctors with high-resolution and detailed images of the procedure, even allowing surgeons for convenient movement of images around the screen. A patient monitor, also known as “Multiparameter,” or “Physiological Monitor” is an electronic machine designed to display and analyze the patient’s vital signs for potentially fatal cardiac conditions.

Anesthesia Machine

Patients given a general anaesthetic (to go be put to sleep) during an operation needs the right amount of oxygen, nitrous oxide, with an accurate concentration of anaesthetic vapour. The machine catering anaesthesia typically cared for by the nurse anaesthetists or anesthesiologists. The machine is required during surgery to give a continuous flow of medical gases for keeping the patient away from regaining consciousness.

Suction Pump

Bodily secretions tend to form during surgery, such as mucus, phlegm, and excess blood. Suction pumps kept in an operating room are used to drain and remove any excess fluids found in a human body. The pump can either block the surgeon’s visibility or clogged passageways, which can delay the procedure.

Last Word

The medical equipment industry is evolving every passing day. Different devices are designed and developed for making human lives easy. However, the above-mentioned devices will always have a status of ‘fundamental’ no matter how much medical device industry gets advanced.



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