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Why we are eager to have a massage chair ?

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Why we are eager to have a massage chair ?

After finishing a whole day screen time, may you wanna close your eyes and have a quiet massage time?

After a long-time working outside and watch TV on your sofa, may you eager to a enjoy a fully relaxing and foot SPA on A Massager Chair or Foot Massager? 

Imaging when you lie on a massage chair and set one favorate massage mode,  with soft music surrounded,  the manipulator massages from your head to your neck, your shoulder, your arm, your back, your waist,  your butt, your hand, your leg and your foot. 

The manipulator massages your full body gently and powerfully.  How comfortable and relaxing will be?  

New 4D robot Precision Massage Chair 4 intelligent

massger chair 8 plantar roller

In our modern life, due to prolonged sitting, standing or staring at computer/ipads/phones, more and more office workers, students and researchers and others, are sufferring from body aches, muscle soreness, joint pain and visual fatigue. We are committed to offer everyone with suitable massager products (full body massage chair, foot/leg massager, therapy massage mat, back & neck massager, head & eye massager and other handy massagers etc.) .  

Designed for different parts of different massage programs, integrated of multiple massage techniques and functions, whether office workers, students or the elders, can enjoy the intelligent massage experience with one button operation. BORNI cares everyone's health and hope to bring the users a more comfortable , convenient and considerate experience.

3D Whole Body AI Voice Control Massage Chair 4 neck and shoulder kneading

Though it's not an exact substitute for a professonal massage, an at-home full body massage chair (often styled just like your living room recliner) can also offer you some of the same benefits: targeted physical relief to areas like the back, shoulders, hips, and feet, using a combination of Shiatsu techniques, heat therapy, and compression massage.



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