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FUZHOU BORNI PHARMACEUTICAL SCI.&TECH. CO., LTD., established in 2005, is a professional supplier based in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. We are specialized in the full management of PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT(PPE), HEALTH MONITORING DEVICES, MEDICAL CONSUMABLE, STERILIZERS, HEALTH CARE PRODCUTS AND API, exported all over the world.

We put our great effort to establish a seamless collaboration platform between R&D institues, manufacturers and market network. We remain firmly committed to meet the standards and requirements of the medical industry with the latest technologies.


  • High Sensitivity On The Market
    We have established mature and wide market channel with abroad countries, in Europe, in North and South America, in South-east Asia, in Middle East and etc.
  • Reasonable Price, High Quality Control And Professional Services
    We have experienced staffs who are dedicated and enthusiastic about the necessary skills.
  • 17 Years Rooted In Our Field
    Also gain good reputation with our reasonable price, good quality, professional services and sincere cooperation.


3D Whole Body AI Voice Control Massage Chair -600.jpg
Why we are eager to have a massage chair ?
After finishing a whole day screen time, may you wanna close your eyes and have a quiet massage time..After a long-time working outside and watch TV on your sofa, you may need a foot massager to have a foot SPA.. When you sit on a massage chair, the surround music and various massage metho
July 08, 2022
Medical Safety Products to Reduce Medical Expense
Medical Safety Products to Reduce Medical ExpenseMedical products are equipment that look after the recovery of a patient from any sort of illness. A medical device supplier includes products that look towards maintaining proper hygiene and health. These tools are used by medical practitioners to of
November 30, 2021
medical equipment manufacturer.jpg
Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Three Key Factors to Consider in a Medical Equipment ManufacturerYou would encounter an innumerable amount of manufacturers of various medical products. Also, we do understand the fact that different healthcare facilities need a range of medical products. To serve various requirements, many supplier
July 26, 2021



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